Chicago Low Dose Digital X-rays in Lakeview

How does lower radiation exposure, a more efficient dental procedure and instant viewing of an x-ray sound? Belmont Dental Care is proud to provide Chicago with low dose digital x-rays in Lakeview. Digital x-rays reduce patient radiation exposure by 80%-90% compared to film-based radiography. This technology is safer and more efficient for both the dental staff and patients.

What is a digital radiography (digital X-ray)?

An x-ray is both a preventative and diagnostic tool essential to all dental offices. A flat electronic sensor is placed inside your mouth where the dentist will be taking images. The x-ray creates an image by passing energy through soft tissue and being absorbed by dense tissue. Therefore, it passes through your gums but is absorbed by your teeth and bone. These images are then sent to a computer where the dentist can instantly view.

Benefits of digital X-rays:

Less radiation exposure to patients and dental team

Higher resolution of images

Images can be instantly viewed

Images can be zoomed in on

More efficient diagnosis

Time saving – no waiting on developing film

Often able to diagnose in same visit

No film processing required, therefore no harmful waste to dispose of

Overall digital sensors are more responsive than film, therefore requiring less to produce an image. This saves both time and exposure.

Digital X-rays are used to:


  • Plan and prepare for dental work; dental implants, orthodontics, dentures, etc.

  • Detect hidden dental abnormalities

  • Reveal tooth decay and infection

  • Display bone loss (often times associated with gum disease)


  • Watch and monitor development of teeth – taking special interest on impacted teeth, eruption of permanent teeth and spacing

  • Plan orthodontic treatment

  • Detect early tooth decay or hidden dental abnormalities

Dental X-rays at Belmont Dental Care

The public has become increasingly aware of exposure risks, understanding radiation accumulates over a lifetime. Ridding of x-rays altogether is not an option, nor does it need to be. X-rays are an indispensable part of any dental practice as problem areas would often go undetected without them. The choice for Belmont Dental Care to invest in digital dental x-rays was an easy one. We want the best in technology and safety for both our patients and staff. Our office is equipped with Schick’s low-dose high-resolution x-ray. Schick helps aid our doctors in optimum diagnosis. Our doctors are happy to provide Chicago with low dose digital x-rays in Lakeview. Make an appointment today.

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